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Green Cottage

Llanbister,  Llandrindod,  Wells, Powys,  LD16UN,  Wales

We had to weave through farmland and unpaved roads to get to Green Cottage, which I find is always a good indication that the place I’m about to photograph is going to be to my liking. As much as I love my white walls and minimal design as an true Scandinavian then I also have an affinity with rustic, eclectic, wild and true. Green Cottage delivered exactly that. The farm is nestled in the valley surrounded my farmland and natural parks. Only a spit away lies the Green Desert of Wales, which is a large area in central Wales and  so called because of its lack of roads and towns and its inaccessibility.


Railway Wagon

Under the Oak

Under the Oak is a magical place. This old railway wagon used to serve as Jim and Jude’s storage space until they decided it would be an excellent idea to convert it into a living space.  And excellent it became. Lined with its original dark and broody wood and filled with things found during their travels. It doesn’t hurt that one whole wall is a window allowing you to wake up the the sunset on the commons and the birds picking at the bird feeders hanging outside. Before stepping out to make yourself some coffee on the open fire or the ornamental gas stove in the wagon.  It feels like stepping back in time.

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Showmans Wagon

Under the Ash

Under the Ash was formerly the living quarters for fairground folks as they travelled from city to city. It its shiny and sparkly on the outside and with the authentic interiority does feel like a window into another world.

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