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Stay / Wales

Green Cottage

Llanbister, Powys, LD16UN, Wales
We had to weave through farmland and unpaved roads to get to Green Cottage, which I find is always a good indication that the place I’m about to photograph is going to be to my liking. As much as I love my white walls and minimal design as an true Scandinavian then I also have an affinity with rustic, eclectic, wild and true. Green Cottage delivered exactly that. The farm is nestled in the valley surrounded my farmland and natural parks. Only a spit away lies the Green Desert of Wales, which is a large area in central Wales and  so called because of its lack of roads and towns and its inaccessibility.


Railway Wagon

Under the Oak is a magical place. This old railway wagon used to serve as Jim and Jude’s storage space until they decided it would be an excellent idea to convert it into a living space.  And excellent it became ….

Showmans Wagon

Under the Ash was formerly the living quarters for fairground folks as they travelled from city to city …